Goddess Tamiyo

Goddess in the Realm of Judgement


Hair: Floor length, raven black, some braided
Weight: Unknown
Height: Most seen 5’3"
Skin: Ivory
Eyes: Blue Opal
Age: Unknown
Alignment: True Neutral


The Realm of Judgement is her home. She is the one that chooses what place the souls will be taken to, or what actions would be just, or unjust in the realms that have followers. Most times Tamiyo will stay out of the affairs of mortals, unless they are needed to do her bidding.

“After all, not even a god can do everything. It is the choice within the battles of mortals that grant us strength to do what needs to be done, not only in the divine realms, but on the mortals home too.” ~Goddess Tamiyo

Goddess Tamiyo

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