*The Beginning (Golden Era) 6000 BD

In the start of Zayana the land was at peace, a place of pure races and minor magical use. At this point in time the magic that flowed through the land was mainly just that, or so most people believed. This was also the start of the great library. A place where all the races could store knowledge, and to share it. The peace lasted across the land for a couple thousand years.

*Aeon of the Blood 4050 BD

After the cities and races rose to the peak of prosperity a war broke out. Blame was cast from one race to another as greed took hold. If one race didn’t use to much magic, what race did? This was the time where the races of the pure began to interbreed, lust and fright taking hold of the people,the base nature commands taking over to continue living. This was the falling from the golden era.

*Coming of the Gods 3100 BD

As fear continued to spread across the land and demons began to show from “the air that rippled,” the ones on high, the Gods and Goddess’ of the land began to show faces, leading the people back to peaceful times. If not for them, the swarms of demons would have taken hold of the land, enslaving what was left of the races.

*Time of Separation 2500 BD

Time continued on-wards as the demon armies fell and fled, hiding to a single mass of land. The use of magic was once again on the rise. People spat on the Gods and Goddess’ cursing the name of them, showing disrespect. Understanding that this was a Turing point for mortal history, they had no choice but to retreat back to the realms from what they came. In a few short years the presence of the Gods began to fade, leaving only legends behind of the help they once freely gave to the people of the land. Few names remained through this fall, followers still loyal to what was done.

*Plague Wars 1900 BD

Once again the demons struck the land once more, the great divine power now being stripped from the land. Not only did the numbers grow but they had brought with then diseases resistant to most magics available. The calls of the people to the “Ones of Old” (Gods cast aside) went unanswered. So the people turned and called upon the unknown. A mage by the name Samad gave answer, creating a potion to fight against the plague. This potion worked wonders.

*Fall of the Old Ones 1400 BD

The few followers of the gods that remained cast aside the divine, smashing down temples of the Old Ones to build temples to the mage Samad, and others that did great deeds. Even more magic flowed from the land now, than before.

*Bloodstained Magics 900 BD

Once more the world of Zayana fell into a deep depression, mages took the stand, growing in numbers and in power. Demons breed and sought mages, forming a mutural pact to further the wars. Nation now stood against nation, a full world war struck the land, killing many and staining the ground crimson. Two great nations led the brute of the war against one another, Amereth and Basira. For years, many died, the young stepping up to follow in quick suit after the mages before.

*Rise of the Dragon 0

As the world continued to war against nation other beasts that slumbered under the surface stirred, causing great disasters. Earthquakes, tsunamis. storms, destroyed the land, breaking apart the crust, taking each nation further away from one another. A great dragon rose from the pit created between the nations, breathing fire into the sky,stopping the fighting as the eyes of the world turned towards the light and sound that boomed down, “People of Zyanya, I’ve enough of this fighting! You have woken me, and soon others will wake. Stop this battle now and there will be use of you little lives to live. Agree one the terms that a treaty of nations will be devised. There will be no more fighting. For if I wake again, no puny soul will be left.” With those words still echoing through the skies the dragon turned towards the sea diving under the water.

*Era of Wonderment Present Time – 400 AD

Although the terms were rigid and most disliked what was stated, the nations agreed to the terms and continued on living. Growth began to peak on the lands once more, the blood of fallen soaking into the crust, laving some places with crimson stains. The city of Shieldmeet arose to help create a neutral place for the environment and for the nations. Although dark deeds continued to rumble through the races, people began to turn an eye towards science and arts. Some peace came, most peace continued to leave.


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