City of Shieldmeet

The treaty city of Shieldmeet spans roughly 13.5 miles across, is a port town, and is home to all the main races. The city was build by the old king several hundred years ago just after the "Rise of the Dragon ( History)," to become the city where the peace was talked about and held. Here it stands with different quarters per race and council members to help remind everyone of the peace. Within Shieldmeet you can find some very odd shops and schools. The main attractions are as stands:

Gnomish Clocktower
The Spire
Brimstone Fighting Arena
Royal Birdcage (Off Limits)
Memorial of Peace
Monster Shop
Ras – Tower of Knowledge
Wayfarer’s Guild
Koshtra Academy – Home of the Elven Bladedancers
League of Boot and Trail
Agarwaen Cabal
Eyes of the Overking
Shadowmind Guild
Nightsong Guild
Sisters of Mercy
Black Flame Order
Council of Unseen Star
White Empress
Shady Sands Trading Post
Psionic Shop

The city also holds a rather odd banking system, calling in the King and/or Queen to hold the funds and distribute the funds as per needed.

Travel through the city is done with glyph keys that transport you from portal to portal, from section to section.

City of Shieldmeet

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